Very Cheap Cars For Sale

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Very Cheap Cars For Sale

very cheap cars for sale

    for sale

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Citroen Saxo 127k

Citroen Saxo 127k
For sale in the same car park as the blue Cavalier, I noticed the price on this and thought it looked very cheap (the identical one parked next to it was ?1k).

A quick look at the mileage highlighted the reason: 127k on the clock. If it has 12 months MOT and if you needed some cheap transport for a year, then the gamble could pay off. The rest of it looked in fairly good shape.

Fiat Ritmo 105TC mk2

Fiat Ritmo 105TC mk2
This car was recently for sale, for very cheap price 13.000 CZK, which is an equivalent of 520 Eur. It is the 105TC Abarth, but with some BUTs: car is without any papers, the engine was replaced with 2.0 from Fiat 132 in the past and the paintwork is amateur made in garage (although looks well, at least in photos). On the other hand, as a car it is in a good condition.
very cheap cars for sale